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Our coffee house is located in the city center of Kuusamo right next to the market. The French Café serves you the best coffee in town with some home made French pastries. We also have a large tea selection from a local tea shop.


Our barista and coffee lover Arthur spent a lot of time searching for the best coffee for our coffee house.

He found a diamond called Makea Coffee that is located in the city of Lappeenranta, southeast Finland. Makea Coffee roastes fresh coffee every single week and they have been nominated the best small roastery of the country in 2022. They have also won the title of the espresso of the year in 2022.


What it comes to coffee our goal here at The French Café is to offer the best possible overall experience to our dear customer. We love a cup of good quality coffee that has been roasted and brewed by experts of Makea Coffee.


We have selected four different types of coffee from Makea Coffee - every single one of them is a unique experience and that's one of the reasons why our barista, Arthur decided to have different kind of coffee machines dedicated to make each unique coffee even better what it comes to the world of flavors.


"I've always been attracted to coffee, but what I like above all is the spectacle, the art of making something extraordinary by its realization. " - Arthur, the barista of The French Café


You can now enjoy a cup of light and fruity Halo Beriti from ------ which is the lightest roast or an amazing coffee from Guatemala called Ana Perez Rafael that is also a light roast but very different than Halo Beriti what it comes to the aroma.


A Finn loves his medium roast so of course we have one in our selection! Makea Coffee makes this most amazing medium roast called Club that we are very happy to serve you our dear customer. Club is a mixture of beans from ten different farmers from Huehuetenango, Guatemala.


We have something for espresso lovers as well! The darkest roast from Makea Coffee is called "Musta Lammas" which translates to "black sheep" it is certainly a coffee like no other! Very dark, aromatic and strong but still something that you can handle. A perfect coffee to make an espresso. Musta lammas beans comes from Colombia.


The things that we love about our partner Makea Coffee are their values what it comes to the voyage of the coffee - from bean to the cup. They are very ecoresponsable as a company and they also care a lot about their farmers who are the reason that we can have such an amazing coffee here in the northern Europe.

grains de café


What about a cup of tea? We have a lovely tea selection that waits for you to be discovered.


Our quality teas come from a nordic specialist called "Kofeiinikomppania" located in Oulu, western Finland. They have a twenty year experience in the art of tea. They have one of the largest tea collections of all country and we picked up our favourites for you to try in our caf´´é accompanied by some delicious pastries of course.


At The French Café we have a selection of Chinese green tea, a delicat white tea, a classic black Earl Grey and an African Rooibos without forgetting the Japanese quality matcha.


Arthur prepares the classic afternoon tea with lots of love and care.

Thé Brewing


Our pastry chef Moona chooses all her ingredients with love and care. She uses as much as possible locally grown products to make all of our fresh pastries and cakes. Here at The French Café we care about the planet and we want to cut down our carbon footprint as much as possible.


Fresh pastries are baked every day in our kitchen and we also have a second kitchen to prepare gluten free goods. The pastry vitrine is a mixture of Finland and France what it comes to the preparation techniques and flavours.


For Moona the best thing about being a baker is definetely being able to a smile to clients face with a sweet treat. "Life is short, eat cake!" like she says.


A party coming up? Our talented pastry chef can create completely crazy and beautiful cakes to any special occasion. Please contact us for more information and let's create you a beauty that everyone will talk about for a good while !

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