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In the center of Kuusamo, lots of handmade products, pottery made on site

Vienantie 1, 93600 Kuusamo

Nager en hiver

Avanto Holiday Club

It's one thing to do as a tourist, the "avanto", it's a place where there is a frozen lake and a sauna, you do the sauna and then go into the water, it's very stimulating, a little scary when you don't know but in the end you start the experience again


Wild Out

We walk where no one else walks. We choose the deep forest to feel freedom. We walk slowly, appreciating the details offered by nature. We cook with local ingredients because we value them. We do meaningful things because we want to.



Suvanto-Lifestyle Kuusamo 

You will only find high quality products such as bardour clothing, magnificent knives in elk or reindeer horn, as well as many other textiles.




Finnish company initially located in Posio, small shop in Kuusamo where you will find ceramics and a collection of Nordic style tableware

Huoparintie 1, 93600 Kuusamo


Riipisen Souvenir Shop 

Souvenir store, you will find all local products, reindeer or fox fur, local products such as bear paté, kuusamo berry jams, clothing, magnets, knives, etc.

Järvenpääntie 1

thé Pickers

Erä-Susi Huskies

In winter, customers can jump on the husky sled, and in summer there are fun hikes with dogs, guided kennel tours, or fast-paced cart rides when the autumn weather cools down!

Rukajärventie 30, 93830 Rukatunturi



Wild Food Restaurant Rukan Kuksa 

Restaurant located in Ruka, good cuisine, you will taste wild products such as elk, bear or reindeer.

Rukatunturi, Rukatunturintie 12, 93830 Kuusamo


Wanha Mestari

Restaurant in the center of Kuusamo, offering local products or junk food, a varied and well-made menu, best restaurant in Kuusamo.

Ouluntaival 3 , 93600 Kuusamo


Royal Ruka Hotel & Restaurant

Very popular restaurant, perfect place to discover all the laponi specialties, they offer an all-you-can-eat buffet on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Strongly recommended.

Mestantie 1,93830 Rukatunturi


Ruka Peak

gourmet cuisine, discovery of a culinary experience with multiple flavors and textures, good wine list, service provided by the kitchen staff to explain the dishes made.

Juhannuskalliontie 27 A, 
FI-93830 Rukatunturi, Finland

Pizza Margarita

Pizzeria Ruka

Strong recommendation, it's a place where there is real pizza know-how, with local products, they have some pizzas exclusively from Lapland, such as reindeer, kuusamo salmon, or 4 laponia.

Rukatunturintie 4 Ruka Ski Resort, 
Rukatunturi 93830 Finland

Point of view


National parc of Oulanka

Beautiful walks are possible in summer and winter. Beautiful location, 30 minutes from Kuusamo center

Liikasenvaarantie, Kuusamo


The tourist center of Karhuntassu

This is the Kuusamo tourist office, with them you will have more information on everything you can do in Kuusamo and the surrounding area.

Torangintaival 2
93600 Kuusamo


Jyrävä Rapids

Walks are available all along the river to admire the rapids, you will also have the possibility of rafting by contacting nearby companies.

Myllykoskentie 34, 93850 Kuusamo


Ruka Peak

A very beautiful view over the valley, you can even enjoy the view with a glass of champagne

Juhannuskalliontie 27 A, 
FI-93830 Rukatunturi, Finland



Excellent viewpoint to enjoy the Ruka plain, you can take the chairlift at the bottom of the slopes to go directly to the top and have a 360° view

Rukatunturintie 9, 93825 Ruka

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